SafetySpect technology was presented under invitation as a featured corporate speaker at the annual Food Defense and Protection Institute (FDPI) conference. The presentation title is “SafetySpect: A Multimode, Hyperspectral Imaging Approach to Food Safety and Defense”. FDPI, operating under a US Department of Homeland Security charter, is based in Minneapolis at the U. of Minnesota for maximum participation among the nation’s largest Ag sector businesses headquartered nearby.

SafetySpect 已经开始并资助了一份子许可证开发协议 两个专利的商业化,申请日为2016年,一个 2017年单片装配申请日专利 反射空间外差光谱仪和现场拓宽 反射空间外差光谱仪技术,支持 化学生物传感应用,(食物和水 安全/质量/安全应用,以及军事/国土安全 应用程序。) ...

(CRADA- USDA Agriculture Research Service signed) - April 12th, 2018

SafetySpect initiated and funded the commencement of a CRADA with the USDA agency Agricultural Research Service under Agreement Number /FAIN 58-8042-8-021. This agreement secures access to government lab participation and for a sensing technology development for assessing safety, quality and integrity of seafood and meat.

SafetySpect技术作为特邀发言人受邀参加SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing。 SPIE Defense&Commercial Sensing是世界领先的传感器,激光,光谱成像和激光雷达会议。 SafetySpect团队成员为众多小组和重要会议活动带来了持续的遗产参与。 该平台最适合寻求美国国防部的兴趣,以及亚洲,欧洲和北美商业光学和传感市场的企业利益。[