Baltimore Convention Ctr, Baltimore, MA)

SafetySpect will present at Sensing for Agriculture and Food Quality and Safety XI conference part of SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing.  The leading conference on sensors, infrared technology, laser systems, spectral imaging, radar, LIDAR with over 4,500 attendees, this is the #1 sensing, imaging, and photonics technologies event for defense and commercial applications. SafetySpect is planning to present the latest research results for Fish identification collaborating with food scientists in USDA – ARS.

For more information, see the link to Sensing for Agriculture and Food Quality and Safety XI conference program:

Our goal is to analyze spectral imaging data using multiple optical imaging instruments available in our laboratories to provide analysis along three axes of classification farm-raised vs. wild-caught species, fresh vs. frozen fillets, and fish species. We have collected spectral signatures using four imaging systems: (1) reflectance spectral imaging in the visible and near infrared, (2) reflectance spectral imaging in the short-wave infrared, (3) fluorescence spectral imaging, (4) Raman imaging. We use feature extraction/selection strategy for different modes of analysis based on the measurement physics and biological/chemical characteristics to achieve more than 95% classification accuracy.