SafetySpect technologies is based on proven multimode optical sensing developed over the past 25 years and largely funded by the federal government for real time characterization of biologic samples at chemical and molecular levels

SafetySpect portable handheld systems have significant operating cost savings when considering the all-in lifetime system while meets the reproducibility requirement of commercial customers.

Due to SafetySpect systems portability and real-time response, food industry users will be able to scan larger quantities of the food and agricultural produce then is currently tested using laboratory systems for quality, safety and traceability demands.

SafetySpect is developing solutions for assessment of various contaminations such as heavy metals, microplastics, pesticides, pathogens, foreign objects (card boards, plastics, metals, etc.). Additionally, our systems will offer analysis of spoilage and nutritional content of food and nutraceutical products.


Risk Mitigation & Certainty

SafetySpect uses multimode imaging to ensure the accuracy of our scanning technology. This greatly mitigates risk of false negative and false positive results when using a single method of imaging. Our multimode platform deploys a swiss cheese model of accident causation to capture data from multiple imaging modalities in a single device in real- time. We are commercializing handheld, desktop and conveyor belt systems.

This layered detection strategy overcomes the limitations of prior time consuming non-real time food safety testing methods. SafetySpect’s novel multimode imaging approach combines several optical imaging methods, starting with a combination of reflectance and fluorescence-based spectral imaging.

To make SafetySpect multimode technology commercially viable, we use key wavelength bands identified for each specific item of interest that allow for rapid and accurate quality assessment and authentication. Our technology also provides the added benefit of having zoom-in capabilities for further identification and analysis. This allows us to identify where a problem might be and then look closer with enhanced imaging technology to determine with certainty the information we are seeking.

Data Analytics & Networks

According to the FDA all food facilities must “Monitor their controls, conduct verification activities to ensure the controls are effective, take appropriate corrective actions, and maintaining records documenting these actions”. SafetySpect uses advanced big data analytics, machine learning innovations, and block chain integration to enable traceability and transparency.

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