SafetySpect technology is based on proven hyperspectral imaging and other proprietary photonics technology developed for detecting in real time, spectral signatures at the molecular level

SafetySpect scanning devices have significant operating cost savings when considering the all-in lifetime system cost

Food industry users will be able to cost effectively scan larger quantities of the food and agricultural produce then is currently tested

There are several attributes of the SafetySpect technology that sets it apart from competitors:

Time: testing in real time (seconds), on location, no need for transport off site, or for test cultures, extended processing periods, etc.

Applications: testing devices can be utilized for multiple applications including signatures for intentional and unintentional contamination (Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, anthrax, ricin, etc.); food adulteration/counterfeiting

Labor: less expertise needed for operating the devices / lower labor cost / no trained lab technician(s)

Frequency: each test / scan is included in the cost of the equipment and service fee. A customer is not hindered by cost prohibitive per test pricing models

​Automation: logical integration into robotics / automation for certain applications

Data Science: SafetySpect devices will generate and capture significant amounts of data that go well beyond the identification of the primary signature/object(s) targeted and will allow for more automation and intelligence to be inherently built into the process generating Blockchain trust certificates along the supply chain