How does SafetySpect promote food sustainability?

We believe that access to sustainable technology should be universal, not a privilege. That’s why we strive to make our products affordable, fostering trust and peace of mind among stakeholders while making a positive impact on the environment.

Environmental sustainability

To minimize the impact of food recalls on food waste and packaging waste, it is important for food producers, manufacturers, and distributors to have robust food safety systems in place to prevent and mitigate the risk of contamination and reduce the likelihood of a recall. This can help minimize the economic and environmental impacts of a recall while also protecting the reputation of the company and the brand.

SafetySpect’s technology is designed to integrate with different food safety systems in order to ensure that your company is going beyond best practices to ensure food safety. A safer environment is less susceptible to expensive and harmful product recalls and illness outbreaks.

Mitigating contamination at each stage of the food supply chain


Contamination can occur during food production because of the presence of harmful bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens in the environment or on the raw materials, contact with dirty surfaces or equipment, or products not being handled or stored properly. Contamination can occur at each of these points: 

  • Raw material
  • Processing
  • Packaging

How SafetySpect can help: Our CSI technology can detect invisible contaminants or other substances in food products that may pose a health risk to consumers. This can help to reduce food waste by ensuring that unsafe products are identified and removed from the food supply chain before they reach consumers. 

Example: Our CSI device can be used to spot fecal matter contamination on a meat carcass – fecal contamination can cause large, costly, and dangerous outbreaks.


 Proper storage is key to food sustainability. Contamination can destroy the quality of food products if they are stored at the wrong temperature, stored in an unclean environment, or if they come into contact with contaminated products/surfaces.

How SafetySpect can help: Our QAT technology can analyze food products to determine their shelf life and predict when they will expire. This can help to reduce food waste by ensuring that products are used or sent for secondary processing before they expire, helping to optimize the inventory management process.

Example: QAT technology can be used at any point in the seafood supply chain to determine the type of fish and its remaining shelf life, helping to improve the safety for the consumer.


Contamination can occur during transportation if the food product is not handled or stored properly, exposed to unsanitary conditions, transported at improper temperatures, not transported in a timely manner, or if it comes into contact with other contaminated products or equipment. 

How SafetySpect can help: Our technology can be used to examine transportation equipment before, during, and after the shipping process and determine if any cross-contamination has occurred. This can ensure that the quality of food is not depreciated as it makes its way to the consumer. 

Example: CSI technology can be used to detect contamination inside a truck/on other processing equipment – one advantage of our device is that it is highly portable and can be used where others cannot.


If the food product is not handled or stored properly by the retailer, consumers can suffer the consequences. 

How SafetySpect can help: Our technology allows retailers to identify any issues that may impact the quality or safety of their products. Our QAT technology ensures the integrity of meat products and our CSI technology determines if and where contamination has occurred in food service/retail areas, leading to a safer environment for all.

Example: Our CSI device can easily detect contamination on food service equipment, restrooms, or other risk areas in a food retail facility. Cross contamination is a huge risk for food retailers, and our CSI technology is designed to tackle this problem.

Waste reduction with data analysis

Using our advanced AI and machine learning technology, SafetySpect can leverage data analysis to identify opportunities for waste reduction. By analyzing the data collected with our devices, it is possible to identify the types of food products that are being discarded and the reasons for their discard. This can help identify trends in food waste patterns and suggest areas for improvement such as changes to cleaning processes or packaging that could help reduce waste and save money. Additionally, implementing smarter cleaning practices allows businesses to reduce cleaning product waste and reduce unnecessary chemical use. Overall, using data analysis to identify opportunities to reduce waste can help improve the efficiency of the food supply chain and reduce the environmental impact of food waste.

We’re not just investing in technology, we’re investing in the future of our planet—one surface scan at a time.