SafetySpect technology was presented at SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing under invitation as a featured speaker. SPIE Defense & Commercial Sensing is the world’s leading conference on sensors, lasers, spectral imaging and LIDAR. SafetySpect team members brought continuing legacy participation in numerous panels and key conference events. The platform is optimal for seeking interest among US Dept of Defense, and corporate interest among commercial optics and sensing markets of Asia, Europe, and North America.–commercial-sensing/highlights-photos-and-more[

Our goal is to analyze spectral imaging data using multiple optical imaging
instruments available in our laboratories to provide analysis along three axes of classification farm-raised vs. wild-caught species, fresh vs. frozen fillets, and fish species. We have collected spectral signatures using four imaging systems: (1) reflectance spectral imaging in the visible and near infrared, (2) reflectance spectral imaging in the short-wave infrared, (3) fluorescence spectral imaging, (4) Raman imaging. We use feature extraction/selection strategy for different modes of analysis based on the measurement physics and biological/chemical characteristics to achieve more than 95% classification accuracy.