Contamination, Sanitization Inspection and Disinfection System (CSI-D+)

  • Detects Contamination
  • Disinfects in Seconds
  • Documents Cleanliness
  • Prioritizes Risks
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Why CSI-D+?

We live in a world of ever-changing health risks. Disease can spread quickly in public settings, and cleaning procedures to stop contamination are often outdated. The Contamination and Sanitization Inspection and Disinfection Plus system is here to change that. With the world’s only handheld tool that detects and disinfects surface contaminants - including respiratory droplets - in seconds, you can create a safer future.

  • Detects contaminants, saliva, and respiratory droplets
  • Disinfects in 2-5 seconds
  • Documents inspection and sanitization
  • Offers effective risk management with AI Software

  • Portable and easy to use
  • Integrated UVC sanitization light
  • Color-coded contaminant interface
  • Guided auditing and quality assurance checklists

Industry Applications

CSI-D+ is designed to keep people safer in any industry. When you purchase or lease one of our products, we integrate it with a custom cleaning checklist to match your current Sanitization Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs). This means it will address your industry’s daily cleaning needs, within your parameters, on your schedule.

Our Science, Your Safety

SafetySpect’s CSI-D and CSI-D+ systems bring you the best of modern disinfection tech in one easy-to-use handheld system. With over 14 years in development in the U.S. Army and the USDA Department of Agriculture, the technology is perfectly suited to solving some of the most challenging safety issues within any commercial industry. Our products are here to set a new global safety standard.