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Combining UVC disinfection with advanced AI software, CSI-D+ is a sanitization powerhouse. Our handheld system identifies contaminants instantly, measures cleanliness scientifically, and improves the cleaning process exponentially. No other tool on the market offers the security of a CSI-D+ Certified Clean.

SafetySpect Products

The World’s Only System that Detects and Disinfects in Seconds

  • Detects contaminants, saliva, and respiratory droplets
  • Disinfects in 2-5 seconds
  • Documents inspection and sanitization
  • Offers effective risk management with AI Software
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Integrated UVC sanitization light
  • Color-coded contaminant interface
  • Guided auditing and quality assurance checklists
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Why UVC?

UVC is a no-touch alternative to traditional surface disinfectants, which can be unreliable and often aren’t used properly. In just a few seconds of exposure, ultraviolet light inactivates contaminants by breaking their bonds at the molecular level. This renders both viruses and bacteria completely harmless. It is a fast, safe, and thorough method. SafetySpect’s optical sensing technology takes the process one step further by scanning an area after cleaning and confirming that it is truly clean.

Dynamic Risk Assessment

Most risk management programs are reactive. Ours is proactive.

See Risks Clearly

Know everything there is to know about health risks you face. Which kinds of contaminants do you deal with daily? Where are the “hot spots” that need the most attention? How effective are your routine cleanings? With our software, you can keep track of contaminant types, incident recurrence, and cleanliness levels, both short and long-term. You can monitor your compliance by your own industry’s safety standards and report risks with accuracy.

Manage and Predict Incidents

With our data insights, you can address safety issues as they arise. You’ll also learn how to anticipate them. Our AI system constantly updates weighted risk scores. This lets you dig into custom analytics and heat maps that deliver in-depth, real-time data on risks across your enterprise. Our workflow management system transforms findings into action items with deadlines and automated reminders. It also lets you automate continuous monitoring of new and existing risk activity. The results? Better visibility and fewer future incidents.

Improve Consistently

Our AI algorithm is constantly learning. Whenever you use CSI-D or CSI-D+, it automatically identifies spot vulnerabilities, bottlenecks, and compliance shortfalls. Learning from cumulative reports, it pinpoints the best way to handle specific risks. The evidence-based SafetySpect contaminant maps respond to new insights. With better guidance each time you scan, your organization can target and solve persistent problems.

From Risk Factors to Better Spot Checks

A risk management program is effective if it can balance and prioritize a wide variety of hazards. Finding relevant links between the factors below, our software automatically adjusts checklists and risk levels so cleaners can use their time wisely.

Contamination Frequency

  • Proximity to Contamination Source
  • Indoor or Outdoor Environment
  • High-Touch or Low-Touch Surfaces
  • Type of Activity Taking Place

Risk severity

  • Vulnerability of People in the Area
  • Contaminant Type
  • Surface Type
  • Air Pressure, Altitude, Temperature, and Humidity
  • Air Flow and Air Exchange Rate

The Incident Management Process

The SafetySpect device interface and web portal work together to track and guide incident responses.

1. Discovery and Disinfection
Potential incidents are logged, and a First Response is initiated quickly and efficiently. The CSI-D cloud sends an incident response checklist that guides the responder. After identifying contaminants and triggering UV disinfection, the process is electronically documented for all surfaces until the checklist is complete.

2. Incident Follow-Up
After the incident, intuitive reports and dashboards let you track how well your organization responds to incidents, ensuring they are resolved within defined timeframes.

3. Incident Preparedness
Further, our AI algorithm uses a library of configurable process apps built specifically for governance, risk, and compliance controls. These features let you further customize each process to match the unique demands of your organization.

The Evolution of CSI-D+

In the years since its inception, our research and development teams have elevated CSI-D from a niche food testing device to a universal, AI-powered safety system.

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