Revolutionizing Safety with Leading-Edge Technology

SafetySpect specializes in providing transformational capabilities through data insight and advanced imaging technologies. We offer real-time guided detection to determine what is clean and what isn’t. Using our disruptive technology to identify contaminants is like finding an invisible needle in a haystack.

Our technology is safe, easy to use, and environmentally friendly.

Our technologies are organized into three families:

  • CSI technologies: Surface Contamination, Sanitization, and Inspection device
  • WoundAssure:  Wound care medical device 
  • QAT: Advanced Sensing for Quality, Adulteration & Traceability

Innovating at the Intersection of AI and Hardware : SafetySpect's Unique Approach

Where AI Meets Hardware

Protecting people and infrastructures is our top priority. Our expertise lies in the intersection of hardware, software, and security, which allows us to offer innovative solutions that keep individuals and assets safe.

Our hardware includes:

  • a multimode imaging-based platform that is capable of scanning larger surfaces
  • a multimode point measurement spectroscopy for more specific analysis.

In addition to these technologies, we also incorporate Artificial Intelligence, including classification and segmentation algorithms, to enhance our technology and improve safety.

Our technologies make invisible contaminants visible to the human eye, revealing those that might otherwise go undetected.

Ensuring the privacy of our clients is a key concern for us, which is why we use federated learning and implement a decentralized system to secure sensitive information.

SafetySpect’s value chain

Leveraging data and technology not available from any of our competitors, our science allows anyone to be an inspector!

Unique data

Combining Multiple Frontier Technologies w/ Proprietary Hardware & Sensors

At SafetySpect, our data asset is the crucial measure that sets us apart from competitors. We use advanced fluorescence imaging technology and deep learning algorithms to identify and segment contaminated areas in images of equipment and surfaces with high accuracy, and as technology advances, our physical devices will become even more accurate and efficient. Data insight is the key to our science, helping us to provide valuable insights and stay ahead of the competition.

SafetySpect’s technology provides:

Proprietary Analytics

Our experts have spent years creating annotated data sets and developing AI algorithms that can be used to determine areas of contamination. We are continually capturing more data, so our technology will become increasingly accurate.

Unique reports

Confirming sanitization and analyzing contaminant data, we can help you achieve better cleaning routines and greater accountability.

From Risk Factors to Better Spot Checks

Effective risk management prioritizes and balances a variety of hazards. Our software helps cleaners use their time wisely by adjusting checklists and risk levels based on relevant factors.

Dynamic Risk Assessment Process

Risk Visibility: A Key to Success

Know everything there is to know about health risks you face. Which kinds of contaminants do you deal with daily? Where are the “hot spots” that need the most attention? How effective are your routine cleanings? SafetySpect allows you to keep track of contaminant types, incident recurrence, and cleanliness levels, both short and long-term. With our technology, potential incidents are logged, and a First Response is initiated in order to guide the user. After contaminants have been identified and removed, the process is electronically documented for all surfaces until the checklist is complete. This means that you can monitor your compliance by your own industry’s safety standards and report risks with accuracy

Manage and Predict Incidents

With our data insights, you can address safety issues as they arise. After an incident, intuitive reports and dashboards let you track how well your organization responds to incidents, ensuring they are resolved within defined timeframes. Over time, you’ll also learn how to anticipate them. Our AI system constantly updates weighted risk scores. This lets you dig into custom analytics and heat maps that deliver in-depth, real-time data on risks across your enterprise. Our workflow management system transforms findings into action items with deadlines and automated reminders. It also lets you automate continuous monitoring of new and existing risk activity. The results? Better visibility and fewer future incidents

Improve Consistently

Our AI algorithm is constantly learning by using a library of configurable process apps built specifically for governance, risk, and compliance controls. Whenever you use our technology, it automatically identifies spot vulnerabilities, bottlenecks, and compliance shortfalls. Learning from cumulative reports, it creates customized processes to handle specific risks. The evidence-based SafetySpect contaminant maps respond to new insights. With better guidance each time you scan, your organization can target and solve persistent problems.