SafetySpect technology was presented at SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing under invitation as a featured speaker.  SPIE Defense & Commercial Sensing is the world’s leading conference on sensors, lasers, spectral imaging and LIDAR.  SafetySpect team members brought continuing legacy participation in numerous panels and key conference events.  The platform is optimal for seeking interest among US Dept of Defense, and corporate interest among commercial optics and sensing markets of Asia, Europe, and North America.[

(CRADA- USDA Agriculture Research Service signed) - April 12th, 2018

SafetySpect initiated and funded the commencement of a CRADA with the USDA agency Agricultural Research Service under Agreement Number /FAIN 58-8042-8-021.  This agreement secures access to government lab participation and for a sensing technology development for assessing safety, quality and integrity of seafood and meat.

SafetySpect has commenced and funded a sub license development agreement for commercialization of two patents with filing date year 2016, and one patent with filing date year 2017 for Monolithic Assembly of Reflective Spatial...