Baltimore Convention Ctr, Baltimore, MA)

SafetySpect will present at Sensing for Agriculture and Food Quality and Safety XI conference part of SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing.  The leading conference on sensors, infrared technology, laser systems, spectral imaging, radar, LIDAR with over 4,500 attendees, this is the #1 sensing, imaging, and photonics technologies event for defense and commercial applications. SafetySpect is planning to present the latest research results for Fish identification collaborating with food scientists in USDA - ARS.

For more information, see the link to Sensing for Agriculture and Food Quality and Safety XI conference program:

SafetySpect has a formal agreement in place with the Food Science Program at Chapman University in Orange County, California, strategically located an hour drive from the SafetySpect headquarters in Sherman Oaks. This collaboration provides SafetySpect with access to a food safety laboratory approved for the handling of biological pathogens. This includes exposure response plans and other necessary equipment for SafetySpect to perform testing to develop its food safety solutions. Additionally, this relationship provides access to industry experts in food safety, food fraud and food microbiology. 

SafetySpect technology was presented at Defense TechConnect under invitation as a featured speaker.  Defense TechConnect is the leading conference where the Department of Defense meets the Innovation Community.  The platform is optimal for seeking interest among DOD component commands, officers, and acquisition experts, as well as developing corporate interest among commercial defense sectors of the US and allies for integration, collaboration, and licensing.