Government and Commercial Buildings

Examples of invisible organic residues include saliva and respiratory droplets, vegetable and grain starch, leafy vegetable residue, fecal matter contamination, fats and oils, and animal protein residue

Maintaining a healthy environment is essential in any public or customer-facing workplace. People need to feel safe when they come into work, meetings, and appointments. But how can businesses provide proof of cleanliness that auditors, employees, and the public will all understand? Using the CSI-D+ system, your facility will be able to address surface contamination instantly. It will also have tailored, AI-powered cleaning guidance and proof that you are going the extra mile to prevent illness.

Detect, Disinfect, and Document:

  • Doors and Entryways
  • Shared Furniture and Equipment
  • Elevators and Stairways
  • Public Restrooms