Assisted Living

Examples of invisible organic residues include saliva and respiratory droplets, vegetable and grain starch, leafy vegetable residue, fecal matter contamination, fats and oils, and animal protein residue

How clean is clean? In retirement and assisted living homes, this is one of the most important questions anyone can ask. The SafetySpect CSI-D will help your facility answer with confidence. Viruses and other common health hazards disproportionately impact the elderly. They spread rapidly, worry families and friends, and prevent residents from enjoying visits and social activities. SafetySpect offers incident management through the CSI-D web portal or the device user interface. Potential incidents are logged, and a First Response is initiated quickly and efficiently. Using SafetySpect’s easy detection, disinfection, and risk-mapping technology, you can create a safer future and give your residents and their loved ones peace of mind.

Detect, Disinfect, and Document:

  • Reception and Waiting Areas
  • Doorknobs and Handrails
  • Elevators
  • Common Area Furniture
  • Dining Room Chairs and Tables
  • Kitchen Equipment and Surfaces
  • Public and Shared Restrooms