Airlines and Airports

Examples of invisible organic residues include saliva and respiratory droplets, vegetable and grain starch, leafy vegetable residue, fecal matter contamination, fats and oils, and animal protein residue

SafetySpect tools are the first of their kind to be designed for airplane use. The handheld technology works for small spaces, limited cleaning staff, and fast turnaround times. Our sanitization checklists are designed so you can instantly adapt to either routine spot checks, overnight cleanings, or periodic deeper cleans, and address high-risk zones without disrupting flight schedules. Over time, our AI algorithm develops accurate mapping of a plane’s most problematic areas while responding to incidents and current concerns, making heavy traffic and high-touch surfaces less risky. If there is a health-related incident, an incident response can be triggered for disinfection and cleaning verification that can be uploaded to the CSI-D device. CSI-D technology is your superior risk mitigation tool for clean and safe airports.

Detect, Disinfect, and Document:

  • ATMs and Currency Exchanges
  • Security Checkpoints
  • Seating and Waiting Areas
  • Gates and Doorways
  • Overhead Compartments
  • Seats and Trays
  • Restrooms and Lavatories
  • Flight Deck