Contamination, Sanitation Inspection and Disinfection (CSI-D) System

The Industry Need and Solution: This comprehensive solution includes a new multispectral fluorescence-based handheld inspection tool for real time detection of saliva and respiratory droplets that may be contaminated with viruses and infections. We call this the Contamination, Sanitation Inspection and Disinfection (CSI-D) system. These respiratory droplets may be deposited on surfaces exposed to human contact such as seating, tables, handrails, fabrics, doors, water coolers, etc. The worst cross-contamination takes place through surfaces. The virus survives for up to 3 to 17 days on surfaces such as metal, ceramics and plastics. That means things like doorknobs, tables, or elevator buttons can be terrible infection vectors. The CSI-D solution includes using the handheld system to identify suspicious areas and then immediately remediating the potential threat (bacteria, virus) with UV light commonly used to disinfect air, water and surfaces. This protects the safety of cleaning staff. If desired, the contamination can be sampled using a swab-based collection system for further inspection purposes, prior to disinfection. These samples can be sent to a laboratory for pathogen analysis. The CSI-D system seamlessly documents traces of contamination videographically, for more detailed follow-up investigation and cross-contamination tracing.

SafetySpect CSI-D system

SafetySpect, a US-based manufacturer of Contamination Sanitation Inspection and Disinfection (CSI-D) systems to check buildings, dining facilities, and other public areas, has a detection solution available for immediate scaling to address the COVID-19 national emergency. We have adapted our CSI technology to extend to government and industry the ability and capacity to respond to national security health threats (i.e. coronavirus, influenza, Ebola and/or other pandemic threats).

SafetySpect builds hand-held scanners for airlines, cruise ships, food service chains, and other facilities to confirm that they are effectively cleaned and safe. The technology was originally developed with the USDA-ARS and the US Army and adapted by SafetySpect Inc. for rapid contamination inspection to reduce the spread of infections and viruses. The CSI-D’s advanced imaging identifies respiratory droplets and saliva residue enabling immediate spot disinfection of viruses and bacteria by UV light (99.9% disinfection in seconds).

SafetySpect has adapted the CSI technology to detection of factors implicated in the spread of infectious diseases, in particular “respiratory droplets” produced when someone coughs or sneezes that contain saliva, sputum, and other materials from oral and respiratory tracts.

Target customers:


Trains / Stations

Busses / Stations / Stops

Cruise ships

Government & commercial buildings

Fleets (cars & trucks)

Hotels and hospitality services

Stadiums, fitness centers, sport facilities

SafetySpect is now accepting pre-orders for limited quantities of the CSI-D inspection systems. For more information, please contact: