About SafetySpect

We are dedicated to creating a safer environment on a planet facing unprecedented hygiene and health risks. SafetySpect technology delivers advanced-yet-practical systems that increase safety across industries, with a focus on public transportation, food supply chains, and public health.

The SafetySpect Story

SafetySpect was formed to develop and commercialize advanced optical sensing technology for surface hygiene and food quality testing. This technology began with over 14 years of development in the USDA-ARS and the U.S. Army. Its original purpose was to solve food safety problems and safeguard American soldiers outside the U.S. from hostile food suppliers.

Over the past two years, SafetySpect has taken this technology farther than ever before. We have designed pioneering hardware enhancements and a customized software platform, including AI risk management, to commercialize it for applications far beyond food safety. Our team has created a process that is poised to set new global standards and help stop contamination in its tracks.

The Evolution of CSI-D+

In the years since its inception, our research and development teams have elevated CSI-D from a niche food testing device to a universal, AI-powered safety system.

Agricultural Research Service


product in 2005


product in 2007


Field Trials: Poulty Processing

product in 2009



Method and Device, US Patent, Kim et al.

Product in 2011



Scientific Presentation SPIE, Kim et al.

product in 2014


product in 2016


Licensed by

SafetySpect Inc.


CSI-D+ Minimum

Viable Product

product in 2020





Sales and Orders

Our Leadership

SafetySpect’s team of executives and advisors brings together recognized experts from the science community, government, business world, and food/agriculture industries.

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