About Us

Our Story

SafetySpect was formed to develop and commercialize advanced optical sensing technology suited for market applications in the food industry. Our focus, is on the analysis of safety, quality/assurance, and fraud/adulteration. Devices for deployment include conveyor belt and handheld scanners with proprietary advanced imaging technology well suited to enabling Blockchain response and reaction.

Our corporate technology rollout pathway is to deliver advanced technology for users across the food supply chain, from producers to processors, to retailers and restaurants.  SafetySpect systems are designed to operate in real-time for immediate risk detection, thereby limiting risks from safety incidents (intentional, and non-intentional), with reduced testing costs and enhanced brand preservation with sensor driven imaging technology vs. costly legacy PCR & ELISA type testing.

Our commitment to the Food Industry is to deliver cost-effective food testing devices that efficiently scan and analyze vastly more quantities of food consumed for increased societal health, safety and well-being. The devices contain reactive sensor technology enabling Big Data rapid response of food incidents through Blockchain protocols.

Our promise to shareholders is to ensure a workplace based on respect, diversity, and encouraging thoughtful innovation and ambition, while respecting their capital investment through relentless focus on creating shareholder value, and exceptional investment returns.