CSI-D+ Creates the New Global Cleaning Standard, Protecting Lives and Redefining Hygiene and Sanitation
The World’s First Technology to Detect, Decontaminate and Scientifically Verify Cleanliness in Seconds
CSID Scanner

CSI-D+ Certified Clean: Revolutionizing Sanitization Technology

SafetySpect’s pioneering patented AI technology is redefining hygiene and sanitization standards for corporations, government and private organizations. Protecting human lives, the CSI-D+ system will detect, disinfect, and document contaminants - including human saliva and respiratory droplets - without the use of chemicals.


  • Scans surfaces with light
  • Illuminates harmful organisms
  • Locates invisible contaminants
  • Shows what needs cleaning
  • Identifies color-coded threats


  • Disinfects surfaces in seconds
  • Uses a proprietary UV light system
  • Disrupts viruses and bacteria
  • Operates safely with smart sensors
  • EPA registered


  • Verifies safety and cleanliness
  • Proves disinfection
  • Creates incident reports
  • Mitigates risks and liabilities
  • Provides automatic tools and dashboards

Prioritize Risks

  • Offers dynamic AI risk assessment
  • Ensures SSOP compliance
  • Integrates with all SSOPs
  • Customizes risk responses
  • Efficiently verifies safety

Why the World Needs the CSI-D+ Solution


Finds Invisible Contaminants

Fluorescence-based imaging technology reveals invisible contaminants as hot spots.


Renders Viruses and Bacteria Harmless

A proprietary UV light system neutralizes viruses and bacteria in 2-5 seconds.


Mitigates Liability Risks

Offers digital visual proof of clean and safe surfaces, ensuring sanitization SSOP compliance.


Documents Clean Surfaces

Creates trust and peace of mind for all. CSI-D+ provides certificates with evidence that best practices are being met in the cleaning and hygiene sanitization process.


Keeps Customers Safer

Lowers the chance of spreading contagion.


Reassures the Workforce

A safer staff is more confident and comfortable.

SafetySpect Products

The World’s Only System that Detects and Disinfects in Seconds

  • Detects contaminants, saliva, and respiratory droplets
  • Disinfects in 2-5 seconds
  • Documents inspection and sanitization
  • Offers effective risk management with AI Software
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Integrated UVC sanitization light
  • Color-coded contaminant interface
  • Guided auditing and quality assurance checklists
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CSI-D in Action

CSI-D Certified Clean - Setting the highest new standards, verified by science

SafetySpect's pioneering US government-developed CSI-D+ technology redefines the meaning of cleaning - something which has never been more important in today's world. Introducing decades of science research and development to the cleaning process, CSI-D+ detects, disinfects and documents the deactivation of harmful contaminants, including viruses and droplets.

For businesses, there is an expectation from customers and staff members that the places they occupy have been adequately treated, cleaned or sanitized to a certain level. But the astonishing truth is that level of cleaning has never been defined or quantified - until CSI-D+.

Originally conceived by the US Army, the CSI (Contamination Sanitation Inspection) tool uses UVC light to identify contaminants, before UVC LEDs deactivate and disinfect harmful pathogens. While the use of UVC is not new, CSI-D+ technology delivers assurances, records and sets many new standards for ensuring that a clean area is truly sanitized and dangers are eliminated.

CSI-D+ is the only technology system which identifies and neutralizes harmful surface contaminants, including saliva and respiratory droplets, containing viruses like COVID-19. All other UV tools available offer the disinfection potential, but do not employ scientific measures to confirm detection imaging, verified disinfection and documentation to prove a CSI-D Certified Clean.

Dynamic Risk Assesment

With CSI-D+ technology, you can identify and mitigate risks in a single step. It will help you regularly improve your risk management, reassure customers and employees, and be ready for unexpected audits.

Our Data Software

  • Identifies and measures hazards
  • Displays color-coded contaminant information
  • Instantly stores cleaning records in an accessible database
  • Keeps track of your compliance records

Our Risk Assessment Technology

  • Measures and ranks data in a responsive AI system
  • Turns important risk factors into specific cleaning guidance
  • Creates a visual risk matrix and prioritized checklist for cleaning teams
  • Generates unique protocols for spot checking and deeper cleanings

Our AI-Guided Audits

  • Compile and analyze your cleaning records
  • Gauge your most effective risk responses
  • Measure compliance according to your industry’s safety standards
  • Respond directly to incidents for evidence-based best practices

Our Leadership

SafetySpect’s team of executives and advisors brings together recognized members of the science community, government regulators, the business community, and food/agriculture industries. We apply our team’s expertise and proven successes to a deep understanding of the SafetySpect Service.

Our Team

Our Science, Your Safety

SafetySpect technology is backed by 14+ years of development within the U.S. Army and the USDA Department of Agriculture. Our products are here to solve some of the most challenging safety issues for all commercial industries and customer-facing businesses.


SafetySpect, as a US manufacturer of a UVC disinfection system, is registered with the EPA under Establishment Number 98766-CA-1. UVC disinfection systems are also regulated for safety in operation by the FDA and for evidence of disinfection efficacy according to claims by the FTC. SafetySpect is currently implementing a quality system designed to be compliant with FDA requirements under 21 CFR 820 as well as to be compatible with ISO 13485: 2016. We expect to be ISO registered in 2021.

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